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The things you will need to run the linklist

  1. You need .htaccess on your server to protect the admincenter of the linklist.
  2. You need a Mysql database
  3. You need PHP
Features of the linklist:

  1. Administrators can create or delete categories.
  2. Administrators can rename or change categories.
  3. Administrators can set counters,change links see the hits out and in of every link.
  4. For security reasons, every link will be approved from the administrator bevore anyone can see it in the linklist.
  5. This is a really free linklist and that means, we do not force users to add a footer with a backlink to our homepage,whatever.There are really no fees or charges ! If you want you may link to us,but its not needed.Please do not link to us if your homepage contains links to warez,hacking etc.
  6. Backlinks from the userīs homepage will also be counted.The administrator needs only to click the emailadress in the adminzone and send the link to the user.
  7. See image.

So,how to let it work ?

  1. You need to edit the config.php to add the paths to the directory where the linklist will work.
  2. You need to edit the connect.php to add your database connection.
  3. Well,upload the linklist to your server,and protect the adminfolder for securityreasons with .htaccess.
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